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How to get my clothing line manufactured overseas, where do I start looking?
2 advice Category: Production, Startup operations

Ravi M

Hi when it comes to clothing manufacturing, you can rely on any Asia specific country. Of these India is an excellent destination. Again when you speak about garments it can vary. (cotton, wool, knitted, hosiery...). I will be glad to assist you in this ... (more)
What legal permits do I need to sell Mexican art in the US?
1 advice Category: Startup operations

Heather McDonough

Obviously you would need to deal with U.S. Customs when the items are brought into the U.S. You can access a publication on Importing Into the U.S. from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Office at www.cbp.gov... (more)
I need advice on how to become a food vendor to retail stores.
1 advice Category: Startup operations

Ray Steitz

It is possible to self distribute, but a better way to go is to talk to food brokers that can represent your product line to retail stores. I would start first in your local geographic area, and expand from there as you gain distribution with retailers, a... (more)
What is the process for opening a store like Costco?
2 advice Category: Startup operations

Carter Hoerr

I like the big thinking! But this is about like asking, "How do I start a small country from my kitchen table?" Costco is a huge operation, with dozens/hundreds of locations and major financial backing to fund management, real estate, purchasing, inventory... (more)
What should be included on a landing page for a local retail store?
6 advice Category: Advertising, Internet

Michael ANDRE

I would consider giving them a discount voucher straight away and follow it with sign-up option. Something like this:

"Print it or write down this number and take it to the shop with your. Want more? Where should we email it too? [email address input fi...

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Women’s retail cross-promotion strategy with local tutoring business

Cost: $1,200

Benefit: $9,600 (4 new clients for 1 year)

Problem: A new elementary school tutor needed more visibility with moms of elementary school students in her market.

Solution: Developed advertising materials and promoted West End Tutors in the area by partnering with local retailers to offer gift cards to new customers.

Project Leader:

Team members:

Client’s feedback:

Promoting West End Tutors through local retailers is something I had never thought of, but made total sense once Joe and the team presented the idea. The initial advertising led to four new clients for my business.