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Where can I find some good web app contract developers?
1 advice Category: Internet

David Kim

I'm assuming this is a tech/software-centric startup (or do you just want to sell an apple online)? Have you validated your product-market fit? There are many 'building' steps one can and should take prior to coding. For example, creating mock-ups or de... (more)
What should I give to my mobile app developer?
1 advice Category: Technology

Kajal Deepak

It sounds to me that you have two bad choices:
1. You don't trust this developer, but you must give them the source code if you want to get things done faster
2. If you don't give them the source code, you must still give them the structure and they will...
How should I go about finding and recruiting people with the expertise to turn my business concept into a start-up?
1 advice Category: Employees, Startup operations

Ravi Arora

Dear Associate

If I ready your case right;
-- you are starting from scratch, possibly with a 'one man army';
-- you have your business plan (an website - source of delivery/revenue?) validated among the peers (personal and independent industry profess...
I want to start selling art. I want to get the ball rolling on a business plan but don't know what to do about marketing. Where do I begin?
1 advice Category: Startup operations

Kajal Deepak

You aren't looking for a marketing plan. You are looking to identify who your customer is.
I think you need some work before you are ready to write down a plan to market or make money from anybody.
My suggestion is you post some specimens of your art o...
We worked hard to get a social commerce site to production, and we built social from the ground up. But we are having a hard time getting users. It appears that the network effects are pretty strong at existing marketplaces.
3 advice Category: Marketing, Startup operations

Kyle Hawke

Don't create a video. Show real examples of what people are buying and selling on the site. If you don't have any or enough users selling stuff on the site right now, then bug your friends... Get them to sell stuff. If you can't convince your friends, then... (more)

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